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The Roxby Downs Community Board represents the voice of the community. In addition to lobbying, the Board has a community development focus which aims to improve the quality of life of the community. The Board's subcommittees (known as Forums) plan develop and operate a range of programs, activities and events that support these aims and cover all sectors of the community. Residents can join these forums at any time.

Community Board

The Community Board is the governing body and is responsible for governance and financial management of the Association

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Forum

The Forum raises awareness of drug and alcohol issues in the community, promotes strategies that support people to lead healthier lifestyles and lobbies for improved health services

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Art and Culture

This Forum celebrates arts and culture by regularly organising festivals, events and workshop for residents of all ages

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This Forum is the Executive Steering Committee representing the interests of local businesses, to promote a sustainable business environment and economic growth in Roxby Downs

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Community Garden

The Community Garden group is developing the Community Garden located on the corner of Pioneer Drive, Alberrie Street and Mulgaria Crescent.

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Education and Child Development Forum

This forum supports and works closely with early childhood and education providers on initiatives that enhance learning outcomes for all children and young people

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The Environment Forum aims to increase environmental sustainability in areas such as water and power usage, waste management and through a range of programs that promote an environmentally conscious community.

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The Family Forum aims to represent and collectively assist local families to strengthen their resilience through a range of community development programs

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The Health Forum supports the local community through advocacy and lobbying for improved or expanded health services. The Forum also runs promotional campaigns to support improved physical and mental health for all residents.

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Multicultural & Indigenous Forum

This Forum celebrates the cultural diversity of our community

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This group focuses on raising awareness about road safety issues

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Sport and Recreation

This forum works to promote a sustainable recreation and sporting environment that can adapt and grow to match the recreation and sporting needs and aspirations of our community

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The Forum runs the Volunteer of the Month Award which recognises and highlights the contributions made by local residents

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Women's Network

This Forum supports and encourages the involvement and participation of women in community life

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The Youth Forum (also known as the Youth Advisory Committee) acts as a voice for youth. A range of activities, events and programs are planned and managed by young people for young people.

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